Hilltop on High Street is a heritage home that was built in 1904 for watchmaker and jeweller Arthur Shaw. The house was designed by the architectural firm of Salmond and Lawson, but as has happened with many grand homes in Dunedin, it lost many of its architectural features when it was turned into flats in the 1940s.

Thankfully it was restored to its original beauty in 1992, with most of its original features reinstated. Hilltop was established as a boutique bed and breakfast in 2004 by Rodney MacDonald. Amazingly, we have a copy of the 1904 diary of the architect, James Salmond which records early meetings and site visits between Arthur Shaw and Salmond.

The spacious suites at Hilltop on High Street are named accordingly:

Salmond Suite

Lawson Suite

Shaw Suite

The Den